• Solar Impulse 2, the predecessor to the world’s first solar-powered airplane, to fly in 2015

  • solar-impulse-2-1The Solar Impulse, also crowned to be the world’s first solar-powered airplane to attempt a circumnavigation of the world without fossil fuel, has etched a place for itself in the history of mankind. Following this, an updated version of the plane called the Solar Impulse 2 will take to the skies in 2015, attempting to fly around the world once again. The updated plane sports thin solar panels that cover its 236-foot-long wings. These charges up the plane’s battery in sunshine and provide juice for the electric motors, which in turn keep the plane up in the air.

    The Solar Impulse 2 sports four electric motors and has enough room to house a full-sized cockpit, a bathroom and a little space to grab a nap or exercise. The Solar Impulse founder and pilot Bertrand Piccard says, “If the technologies of Solar Impulse were used everywhere on a global scale, humankind could divide by two its energy consumption, create new jobs, and make profit in new fields of industry.”








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