• Smart Forrail Concept is a mini-train that runs on wheels

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    We’ve heard of train coaches that offer you the luxury of luxe cars but here’s a train that mimics one to such an extent that it even looks like one. Behold the Smart Forrail mini train (yes, that’s what it is). This isn’t merely the removal of tires but six months of engineering work and sophisticated CAD modelling put into creating one amazing design. The solid steel wheels measure 22 inches in diameter and weigh 80 kilos, making it possible to sustain the traction needed to stay on the tracks. The wheels are locked in position by aluminum supports which are welded between the axles.

    The Smart Forrail made its trial run at the privately operated Bluebell Railway. It undertook a 10-mile journey right across Sussex. It sure did surprise some bystanders and won many a heart. The practicality of such a solution doesn’t seem to have too many problems solved but maybe there is a strong inspiration that led this expedition.

    [Via – Urdesignmag]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on July 3, 2015
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