• Shadow wireless e-bike by Daymark Drive

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    The concept electric bike posted a couple of months back, was good for the starters but not as good as the Shadow wireless bicycle that features wireless brakes, wireless throttle and a wireless pedal assist system. The bike is completely wireless unlike other normal bicycles, as it features integrated battery and motor design powered by proprietary, patent pending Daymark Drive™ technology, developed in Canada. Shadow bike can easily be recognized as a superlative bike design, owning to its 1000w power, lithium batteries, regenerative brakes and an integrated rim designs.

    There is some good news for the gadget freaks as well. The battery doubles as a generator, which enables users to use it as a power source for their iPhones, Blackberries or notebooks. This ‘Made in Canada’ classified product will be available in June and its starting price is $1,500.
    Via – [Greenlaunches]

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