• San Francisco couple turns school bus into a home!

  • Looking for an affordable way to reside? Well, quit looking for grounded property and settle in a mass of metal on wheels instead! San Francisco couple Richard and Rachel stepped away from the conventional and decided to turn a 39-foot school bus into a comfortable home. Spending just $12,000, the couple managed to mount six solar panels on the roof of the bus, include a compost toilet, a solar fridge and freezer and a propane-fed catalytic heater, stove and oven!

    And that’s not all. The couple now lives rent-free, spending just $100 on maintenance. The bus itself came for $3000 and Richard and Rachel meticulously designed every detail. As a finishing touch, they painted the bus blue and white and kicked off a blog called The MayBlue Bus that tells tales of their adventures with their mobile home.


    Topics: Transport Tags: , , on January 5, 2013
    • Meet the Team


      Geetu Gupta

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