• Roma Vehicle, pick-up truck-like vehicle inspired by the Romani

  • Romani families are known wanderers and they live a life entwined in a never-ending journey. The Romani have been known to travel far and wide, living in Vardos or wagons for just about their whole lives. Inspired by their journeyed lifestyles, designers Kristina Chudikova, Jelena Stojkovic and Dennis Örs have come up with a unique vehicle called the Roma Vehicle, a truck-like contraption. This four-wheeled vehicle, with the front-two wheels placed close together, giving it an appearance of a rickshaw, is reminiscent of Romani culture and also boasts the Roma Chakra for its wheels. Using a plastic body, steel top, leather and plastic seating arrangements, and enough place in the back to carry stuff around, protected by a net and leather belts for support, the Roma Vehicle works great for those on a voyage.Cleverly and purposefully inspired by the Romani people who’ve spent their lives living out of society as outcasts, this vehicle is a classic indeed.


    Topics: Transport Tags: on June 9, 2011
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