• Rolls Royce develops remote-controlled crewless cargo ships

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    One of the few things we learned from Captain Philips was the fact that pirates are real and they aren’t really as friendly as Jack Sparrow. Pirates have been a constant threat to the modern world of sea transport and have been known to cause considerable losses to human life and business. Rolls Royce came up with a futuristic solution to this problem with remote controlled cargo ships that will carry goods around the globe, without a human crew! Instead, the ship will be captained from shore.

    This could make the shipping industry more efficient, safer and could reduce overhead costs significantly. That apart, these ships will also replace human-accommodation space with cargo storage, enabling more stuff to be transported. However, automated ships like these aren’t hitting the azure anytime soon since shipping unions around the globe are completely against a concept as such!

    [Via – Techcrunch]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on February 28, 2014
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