• Rinspeed’s Etos Autonomous concept car pairs with a drone, paints the future of automobiles

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    With the approaching CES 2016, we can see more being done on the concept front. Take Rinspeed for instance. Their Etos Autonomous concept car is absolutely love-worthy and packs an added punch to the experiences it promises to deliver. While self-driving is commonplace among new releases, the Etos takes a bold new approach where it focuses on the comfort and experience of the driver and passenger. The car is built around the flagship BMW i8 chassis and drivetrain with an addition of several other features. The retracting steering wheel from ZF TRW is a practical solution for space-saving. Other exciting additions to the interior of the car include the pair of curved 21.5-inch HD widescreen displays, great connectivity and human interactivity interfaces on the dash as well a gesture and voice recognition. On the outside, the doors come with vertical hinges, 8 exterior cameras keep an eye out on the surroundings to ensure no blind spots and of course, the amazing drone that is accommodated on a landing pad that is studded with 12,000 individually controlled LEDs.

    All of this bundled into an amazing driving experience could be quite a treat to the senses. We look forward to more from Rinspeed on this concept, especially for something additional on the tangible front.






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