• Regular Cars That are as Expensive as Luxury Cars

  • Most people believe that luxury cars are more expensive than regular cars due to their luxurious features. Well, that could not be further from the truth. Luxury cars are fitted with some of the finest and deluxe car parts. But still, some regular cars match up to the price of these luxury rides.

    The main explanation of why the prices of these luxury cars are high is due to production volume.

    The math is pretty simple:
    Specific vehicle models cost millions of dollars just for development. Depending on the amount spent in manufacturing, the costs are amortized across each model. If the model does not make many sales, then a reasonable sum of the selling prices is used in covering development costs. If the model does sell in large volumes, the repayment of development cost per model is less.

    While the price of manufacturing a vehicle with no luxury features is lower than building one with such features, the price difference is negligible.

    These cars are typically pricier only because you’re paying for rarity. The more exclusive the car, the higher the price tag.

    Regular Cars That Match Up

    Even with the costly Ford GT, Ford is not known for expensive luxury. Nonetheless, the Blue Oval is about to change that with the introduction of a Ford family hauler costing $80,000.

    In the minds of most people, cars that price $50,000 and close to $80,000 used to be the luxurious type. These included BMWs, Lamborghinis, and other luxury rides that you can rent from Milani Exotic Car Rentals at affordable prices.There was a time that SUVs and trucks were budget-friendly and useful machines that efficiently transported goods and passengers without making a scene. The same bare-bones cars are still available in the market. However, some of these popular nameplates are becoming something for the rich.

    Buyers aiming at the 2018 Ford Expedition Platinum are in for a shock as the vehicle will now value at $73,905, or an extra $8,500 to the price of the 2017 Expedition Platinum.

    For the larger version called the MAX, the model will be $76,590. Lastly, the 2018 Expedition closes in on the $80,000 target with the MAX four by four selling at $79,740.

    Apart from the Expedition series, another car that matches $60,000 is the 2017 Ram 2500 Limited. The base equipment of the vehicle is a 5.7litre V8 engine.

    Other regular cars that pass the $60,000 price tag include GMC Sierra 2500HD, Chevy Silverado 2500HD, and Ford F-250 Super Duty.

    Pressure in the pickup and full-size SUV competition is high. Even though the Ram 2500 Limited is the highest priced truck in the market, we expect a $100,000 non-luxury vehicle. If a luxury-branded car was to be in this list, the Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum four by four could easily cost $100,000 with extras.

    Whether you would pay $70,000 or more for a heavy-duty truck is all up to you and your financial ability.

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