• The Great White, an electric submarine built at home from recycled materials

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    Submarines have long since helped mankind understand life beneath the oceans and have also played a major role in enabling countries to sneak up on their rivals and take them unawares. We’ve also had an unabashed admiration for these water vessels capable of sinking below the sea’s level and transporting us around through the depths of the sea, which is why, news of Scott Cassell’s home-made submarine has left us wide-eye. An ocean environmentalist by profession, Cassell developed this submarine called the “The Great White”.

    Powered entirely by electricity, The Great White is a two-man craft built sturdy enough to bear the pressures of the sea. To build this vessel, Cassell also made use of several recycled materials and put it all together to bring to life a long dreamed dream! The Great White is a two-man craft that is capable of taking a deep dive of up to 175m (574 feet) and will be used for marine study trips in Malaysia.



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