• Pedal-powered personal pods brings fitness and clean travel to NZ

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    Called the Shweeb, this cool idea of transport from New Zealand is grabbing eyeballs and the attention of people across the globe. The idea of a personal transportation pod may be rather fascinating but the fact that it can take you distances by simply employing pedal power is even more attractive as a proposition. The designers who developed the Shweeb are looking at this as an environment-friendly mode of transport. By leveraging a monorail system to guide users along a path, the pod is powered by the rider’s ability to pedal across distances. Thanks to the special chain system, the pod takes only half the energy required on a bicycle to travel. The designers have taken a step ahead and linked Shweebs to enhance performance and cut down on the impact of air resistance.

    The pods can travel at speeds of up to 31 mph or 50 kmph. This can surely help many cut through traffic without causing pollution and also ensuring that the traveler has their share of workout cut out for them.



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