• Nissan car for the future has roots in the 80’s

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    Children born in China after the 1980’s are unique because they were born after the single-child rule was implemented. Although they can’t have siblings, they are growing up to be a more tolerant and caring society, treating others with compassion and respect. This era of adults is the base behind the concept Nissan Car by designer Yw Li. The post 80’s generation is a special lot that made compromises in a difficult regime. The Nissan car is a concept to honor their personality that reflects pomp and stability. This generation was fed on the staple diet of Japanese animated cartoons like Astro Boy (ATOM). Taking the anime a step further, you will find striking resemblance between the character and the car styling.

    This Nissan Car is aimed for the 2010 market of cars in China. Quite futuristic, the design implements a transparent rotating door. The transparency serves a purpose as it displays the flamboyance of the driver. Since the car has been designed for local usage, it doesn’t hit very high speeds. This is a good thing because speeding-monsters are prime suspects for road-rage.
    Thanks Yw Li

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