• Nissan introduces Smart rear-view mirror that doubles up as an LCD screen

  • nissan-smart-mirror-1There are a bunch of automakers out there who’re still to master the art of creating practical C-pillars for the cars they manufacturer. More often than not, badly designed C-pillars, seat headrests and taller friends cause blind spots, causing drivers to miss out on a few objects in a car’s rear view mirror. Nissan’s answer to this rear-ended problem is a development which we think should be implemented in every car being manufactured! Called the Smart rearview mirror, this one’s literally an LCD screen attached to a high-resolution camera fitted at the car’s rear.

    Housed within the structure of the rearview mirror, the Smart mirror can be used as a traditional reflection-based mirror or turned into an LCD monitor with the simple flick of a button. The camera at the car’s rear projects a clear image onto the monitor to provide the driver with a better view for a more comfortable driving experience! While the concept seems fantastic and a perfect answer to every driver’s rear-view woes, dust and grime on the camera’s lens could affect vision, unless Nissan has thought of installing a built-in washer. That apart, Nissan could also have this mirror hooked up to steering-wheel controls, helping make drivers’ lives better.

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    Topics: Transport Tags: on March 10, 2014
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