• Mercedes Benz unveils the Ener-G Force Concept Car powered by hydrogen!

  • Cars of the future are bound to kick fossil fuels away and edge towards cleaners ways to powering up. Just recently, Mercedes Benz unveiled a perfectly green ride that powers up on hydrogen. Called the Ener-G Force Concept Car, this one’s reminiscent of a tank and packs just about everything you’d need to jump of the road and take to the mud-trail!

    This concept car includes rooftop-integrated emergency lights, 20-inch wheels, and LED headlamps. And that’s not all. The Ener-G Force also includes a pull-out toolbox and a topography scanner on the roof. Using a hydro-tech converter to turn water into hydrogen to operate the fuel cells, this car sports a 500-mile range!


    Topics: Transport Tags: , on December 4, 2012
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