• Lightfog develops a bicycle that eats pollutants and gives out clean air

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    We’ve always hailed bicycles as the best way to travel in modern society, given the fact that these simple contraptions allow us to get to destinations of our choice while helping maintain our physiques and keeping the environment clean. However, while every bicycle is clean and green in its own way, here’s probably the most environment-friendly bicycle we’ve ever come across! Developed by a Bangkok firm called Lightfog, this bicycle concept literally eats dirty air and gives our clean air!

    The bike sports an air filter attached on its handlebars that mimics photosynthesis powered by an onboard battery. This system enables the bike to suck in pollutants and give out clean air, thus helping users travel green and keep the air clean! This concept bike is under development for now though we’re sure this could indeed be the most eco-friendly way to travel in the future!

    [Via – Huffingtonpost]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on December 21, 2013
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