• Land Rover unveils the technologically-possible Transparent Bonnet concept

  • land-rover-transparent-bonnet-1Thanks to cameras, manufacturers and designers around the world have successfully been turning solid surfaces transparent. Most recently, the jolly folks at Land Rover used cameras and a little bit of innovative technology to create the ‘Transparent Bonnet’ concept for their future cars. The technology literally enables drivers to see through the bonnet of their cars, with the cameras attached on the car’s grille that relay a view of the terrain ahead and beneath the front of the car.

    The idea will help drivers better understand the terrain ahead and below their cars. The technology works fantastically well for those who prefer driving on rougher terrain, particularly off-road junkies. With the Transparent Bonnet, you’ll never find the underbelly of your all-terrain SUV scraping against nasty rocks ever again!


    [Via – Huffingtonpost]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on April 11, 2014
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