• Jyrobike, the self-balancing bicycle, promises to keep you off the floor

  • self-balancing-jyrobikeThey say the more you fall off your bike, the quicker you learn. What they actually forget to tell you is the fact that falling off your bike will give you more cuts and bruises than a Spartan fighting against the Persian forces. A bunch of geniuses have worked hard to keep all the pain and tears away and have come up with a bicycle that’s capable of balancing itself, much like a Segway! The Philadelphia team created this contraption called the Jyrobike that promises to teach you how to ride quicker than ever!

    So what keeps this bike upright instead of falling to the charms of gravity? The Jyrobike sports a motor-driven flywheel inside the front wheel that helps keep the bike stable even at slow speeds. The gyroscopic balance of the bike can be adjusted as the user gets better at riding and can be completely switched off when required. The Jyrobike comes with a price tag of approximately $249.

    [Via – Dvice]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on June 7, 2014
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