• Hyundai’s E4U is a revolutionary way to travel alone!

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    The future is here and so are vehicles we’ve been envisioning and drawing on the back of our notebooks all along. Transportation modes have nearly transcended into what our predecessors imagined them to be. Well, we aren’t talking about flying cars yet, but personal mobility vehicles! Called the E4U, this development by Hyundai is an egg-shaped, open-topped single person transport vehicle.

    Similar to the Segway, the E4U sports a rotating semispherical part in place of two wheels. This constantly spins and gives the vehicle mobility. When kept vertical, the vehicle remains in its place, only moving forward when tilted in the direction ahead! To turn the E4U, one simply needs to tilt it in the direction one wishes to go, making this development by Hyundai a great way to get around when travelling alone!

    [Via – Huffingtonpost]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on April 4, 2013
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