• Habitent turns your Toyota Prius into a compact camper!

  • The Toyota Prius has continuously been hailed as an energy-efficient way to drive around. giving this bestselling plug-in hybrid a transformation unlike any other, this innovation called the Habitents turns the back of your tiny car into a place to rest! Basically a tent that attaches to the back of your Prius making it a makeshift tent when the back door’s up, the Habitent gives you 80 x 40 inches of space to curl up in and fall asleep! A perfect way to get some rest, particularly on longer journeys in your Prius, the Habitent can quickly be deployed and folded back in when required and is priced at just $90, making it the perfect accessory to buy for your Toyota Prius.


    Topics: Transport Tags: on June 8, 2012
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