• E.V.C.: Concept vehicle for explorers

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    For the explorers of tomorrow, here is an expedition vehicle that will surely appeal to you. Although a concept, this vehicle known as E.V.C. (Expedition Vehicle Concept) has been designed designer by Prodan Dragos. The concept vehicle can be configured in a variety of ways according to the user’s needs. The car changes from an enclosed camping vehicle to an open top boulevard cruiser in a few minutes. The spacious interior consists of four seats and the front seats can be swiveled around to face backwards. To increase the interior space when stationary, the rear of the vehicle can be extended to allow the rear seats to fold out flat and provide a sleeping area. Different sized hexagonal windows set into the roof act as photovoltaic cells and help provide additional electric charge. But the most amazing feature of this concept vehicle is the headlights. When parked up they can be removed, and thanks to an internal battery pack, used as a hand held flashlight.

    Lastly, a 250mm (10 inch) ground clearance, durable nano-polymere body and powerful 4×4 hybrid drivetrain make this vehicle ideal for expeditions and off road explorations.
    Via – [Greenlaunches]

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