• Equal electric car concept designed for disabled drivers

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    Folks with disabilities do find it extremely difficult to travel, particularly by cars where getting in and out isn’t a breeze. This is also why most disabled people stay away from the driver’s seat and are required to be dependent on more able-bodied folk to be driven around. Absolute Design recently came up with an eco-friendly solution to this problem with a car concept called the Equal. The vehicle is an electricity-powered contraption that enables people restricted to wheelchairs to be able to drive it!

    The car resembles a tiny Smart ForTwo and instead of doors on its side, sports a single hatch at the back. This hatch opens up, creating a doorway wide enough for a wheelchair user to move inside. That apart, the car sports an adjustable steering wheel with a spinner knob for easier one-hand steering and an intuitive hand control device that helps accelerate and brake. This car is currently in its initial conceptual stages and we’d certainly like to see it hit assembly lines in the future.




    [Via – Inhabitat]

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