• Engineering students build the Arion 1, the soon-to-be fastest bicycle in the world!

  • worlds-fastest-bicycle-1The next time you see an oversized pill zipping by you as you drive to work, fear not, the world isn’t being taken over by giant antibiotics! Instead, this pill-like contraption is the Arion 1, the world’s fastest bicycle developed by eight engineering students from University of Liverpool. The bicycle hopes to break the record currently held by the Dutch-made XeloX3 that stands at 83.1 miles per hour.

    From the outside, the Arion 1 looks to lack wheels and some onlookers claim that this contraption pretty much resembles a giant sex toy. However, the bicycle’s aerodynamic shell isn’t anything to ridicule, given the fact that it lends a big hand in pushing this concept to speeds never reached before on a bicycle. We wish Team ULV the best of luck on their futuristic endeavor!



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