• Emotion Kayak Spitfire 9, a comfortable way to kayaking!

  • Kayaks more often than not aren’t the most comfortable way of getting around. These tightly squeezed water vessels are compact and are made to discreetly slice through the waters, turbulent or calm. Designer Evan Solida hailing from the United States came up with this one-of-a-kind kayak design. Similar to the conventional yet a step away, the Emotion Kayak Spitfire 9 comes with a backrest hooked on to the kayak, allowing the user to rest back while travelling through the azure.

    The Emotion Kayak Spitfire 9 also includes space to store your knick-knacks with a harness that fastens it into place, keeping it all from being tossed to the depths of the sea. Comfortable and easy to use and maneuver, the Emotion Kayak Spitfire 9 is indeed the best way to set out for a trip in the blue!


    Topics: Transport Tags: , on November 16, 2012
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