• EDAG develops turtle-shell-inspired 3D printed car concept, called the Genesis

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    One of the biggest drawbacks of driving around in a modern-day car is the fact that a simple mistake can, at times, lead you to a hospital or worse. Problems like these could be erased into oblivion in the near future however, thanks to German automotive supplier EDAG’s efforts. The firm has spent a considerable amount of time at the drawing board to come up with this concept, showcased at the Geneva Motor Show. Called the Genesis, this concept car is inspired by a turtle and is made using 3D printing technology.

    The car promises to keep its occupants completely safe and uses a shell that’s crafted out of carbon fiber and plastic. While EDAG states that a 3D printed car is at least a decade away, the idea seems promising and we’d like to see safer cars hit city streets.




    [Via – Inhabitat]

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