• eBiqe, the electronically-assisted mountain bike concept, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

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    Electronically assisted bicycles are pretty much one of those contraptions that every man-boy in town has on his Christmas wishlist. Here’s yet another drool-worthy bike we spotted recently, with a glistening red body and some pretty eye-catching curves. Called the eBiqe, this one was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and sports a battery and motor, just like any other electronic bike.

    The eBiqe however, is fashioned on mountain bikes and comes with superior suspension and an ergonomic seat and handle. Capable of touching the 40mph mark when the electric motor is switched on, the eBiqe can go up to 70 miles on a full belly. A 5-inch touchscreen display that’s mounted to the handlebars gives a rider all the information needed including route planning, intelligent navigation, social networking and more. For now, the eBiqe will remain a concept but could soon be made available with a price tag of about $8,300.





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