• Dune Tracer: Concept vehicle for the desert

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    The Dune Tracer is a unique concept vehicle conceived by the team of diseno-art.com. Imagined as a vehicle to traverse across inhospitable desert areas, it was primarily conceived to be a recreational vehicle. At low speed (below 20mph), the tracks can be operated like a tank and can rotate around its own axis. At high speed, the tracks perform like any other conventional car wheels. The front tracks provide the steering. The driver operates the vehicle via two individual joysticks. Conventional foot pedals provide the braking and throttle. The engine is mounted behind the driver. Multiple air vents and intakes which allow air to circulate freely around the engine help to keep the engine cool in the hot desert terrain.

    Although the Dune Tracer has an open cockpit, it is integrated with a unique air conditioning system. The AC system pipes air up through the fabric weave of the seat and around the feet while a vent located at the top of the seat provides a cooling breeze over the driver’s neck and head. There is also a sturdy removable roof panel to provide shade for the driver whenever necessary. The black paintwork surrounding the dash and trailing edge of the front body panels reduce the suns reflection and glare in the driver’s eyes.
    The unique concept vehicle whose design has been inspired by various sources including, WWII fighter planes and desert beetles is truly an exceptional creation.

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