• Concept Supermarket Electric Vehicle by Mariano Fajgelbaum

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    The super market is one place we frequent a lot. But the task of maneuvering that fully stacked trolley/cart all the way through the aisles and to the cash counter is just too much sometimes. Attempting to offer a solution to our supermarket woes is designer Mariano Fajgelbaum who has created the unique concept Supermarket Electric Vehicle. This battery powered vehicle will allow you to zoom through the aisles and also help you avoid the task of moving around that heavily laden trolley.

    Since not much information is provided, we can only guess the features of this concept design. With a basket in the front for the goods, this one-seater electric vehicle is the perfect mode of transport for the supermarket. A great concept, shopping will surely be a whole lot of fun, courtesy the unique concept Supermarket Electric Vehicles.
    Via – [Coroflot]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on April 20, 2010

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