• Concept Green Speed Air motorcycle runs on compressed air

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    Here is a green concept bike that will please all environmentalists as well as green loving motorcycle enthusiasts. Known as the Green Speed Air motorcycle, this concept motorcycle is designed to run on compressed air. To quote the designer himself, “The thing from the exhaust is the same that we breathe”. Designed and built by Edwin Yi Yuan, for a student project at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, this GSA bike is intended to be a land racer. The bike features only a rotary air engine fed by high-pressure and a single gear at a 1:1 ratio. Although a great concept, the bike does have its own set of problems related to compressed air technology.

    But the young student along with his professor Simon Curlis are trying to find a solution to the problems and hope to advance the GSA into a fully-functioning prototype.

    Topics: Transport Tags: on January 6, 2010

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