• Christopher Hogan, RE60 Quadricycle Signature Collection at the 2014 Auto Expo in India

    Christopher Hogan , Australian artist and sculptor, was chosen to paint a unique art collection emphasizing the newest vehicle in Bajaj Auto’s stable, the RE60 Quadricycle. The introduction of the visual celebration for the Bajaj Auto’s new 216cc vehicle on the world stage will take place at the 2014 Auto Expo in India.

    Hogan has fashioned a union of art, culture and technology on the canvasses and created the Bajaj RE60 vehicles themselves.

    Never, before has a single artist painted a collection of 5 art cars. The aim was to create a visual celebration for the Bajaj Auto’s new 216cc vehicle on the world stage. The showcased collection represents a relationship between Bajaj Auto Ltd and Christopher Hogan. RE60 Quadricycle has been created to arise excitement, playfulness and joy to even the most sceptical RE60 Quadricycle with its recognisable patterns and display of colours. Hogan’s style of painting is contemporary abstract, and for the project, Hogan judiciously researched which five national icons would be the most suited to represent the overall cultural appealing of India.

    Hogan explains, “Colour is such an integral ingredient in the Indian way of life. This was an important consideration in my finished creations. This is reflected in the Tiger, Lotus, Mango, Peacock and Banyan Tree vibrantly coloured designs.

    [Via – PR-Newswire]

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