• Chinese web giant Baidu to releases the Dubike e-bike concept

  • baidu-dubike-1Like everything else, China has its own “Google” too. The Chinese web services company Baidu, is now looking forward to unleashing an electric bike too, to grab the attention of the world. Called the Dubike, this e-bike will come with fitness tracking technology, enabling riders to keep a wary eye on their health as they pedal away. The bike will include a heart monitor, pedal rate tracker and more. All of this information can be accessed via a smartphone application that hooks up with the bike.

    baidu-dubike-2The Dubike will also have a hub that will convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. This energy will be used to power the bike’s sensors and even charge your device. The Dubike was designed with help from the Tsinghua University and will probably not show up in the United States or on European shores anytime soon.


    [Via – Inhabitat]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on December 1, 2014
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