• The Chinese develop a train that never stops!

  • Chinese-Concept-Train
    The Chinese hate stopping, and this recent concept train design we spotted recently proves just that! While this may be nothing more than just a concept put down on paper and a digital drive somewhere in China, the very idea of building a train-system where the train simply doesn’t stop seems fascinating! So if the train doesn’t stop, how do we simple-minded travellers get on and off this mass-transit system? Using a movable compartment platform of course! To board the train, passengers need to climb onto a compartment platform above an incoming train. This platform is then snagged by the train as it crosses the station.

    Passengers wanting to alight simply climb back onto the compartment platform and wait for it to be snagged by their destination station! As for the train, it simply never stops, replacing these compartment platforms at every station instead. We aren’t sure just how practical and safe this technology is for now, though if put into practice, these never-stopping trains could indeed be a modern-day marvel!

    [Via – Weird-Asia-News]

    Topics: Transport Tags: , on January 15, 2014
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