• Butchers & Bicycles develops the MK1 tilt-action cargo tricycle

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    Bicycles and tricycles with cargo units aren’t built to be fun and more often than not, these contraptions are cumbersome and aren’t really best taken around corners at higher speeds. Butchers & Bicycles thinks differently though and have come with a tricycle crafted specially for those who love to ride at higher speeds! Called the MK1, this tilt-action cargo trike was developed by Morten Wagener, Morten Mogensen and Jakob Munk. Users can lean into turns on the MK1 in the same way one would on a bicycle.

    The three-wheeler sports its cargo unit in the front with a single wheel in the back. Also, apart from functioning as a cargo trike, the MK1 can also be used to ferry a couple of kids up front and sports a seat with 3-point seat belts. The trike goes on sale this month. Butchers & Bicycles is based in the meatpacking district in Copenhagen, which is where the company derives its name from.






    MK1 – Tilt-action cargo trike from Butchers & Bicycles, Copenhagen from Butchers & Bicycles, Copenhagen on Vimeo.

    [Via – Designboom]

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