• BMW i Pedelec Concept is a stylish eco-friendly urban bicycle

  • I want to say that the age of hybrids in not too far away from us. It is a brilliant source of energy and an admirable way of giving back to mother nature. Having said that, it would be a crime for any automobile manufacturer to not divulge into researching about cleaner and sustainable fuel sources. The 260-MPG Volkswagen XL1 or the Audi e-tron Spyder have paved the way for Volkswagen’s entry into hybrid street-ready technology.

    BMW i, the German manufacturer’s sustainability-focused “sub-brand”, will be launching the BMW i3 EV Hybrid Car at the end of 2013 making BMW’s admittance as well. At the same time BMW i has developed a pedal-electric hybrid concept bicycle BMW i Pedelec Concept that was given to a few select athletes at the Olympics to try out. The cycle, a 50/50 aluminum/carbon-fiber frame, has a three-speed gear hub integrated with its electric motor, and hydraulic disc braking.

    The motor powers the cycle effortlessly to 16 mph and if you like, can pedal for more acceleration. The I Pedelec Concept has a sleek futuristic look that will make any Segway owners turn their head. Although the cycle is more towards the heavier side, compared to any other street cycle, BMW is still working on final designs before it will eventually be launched. The cycle easily fits into the boot of the BMW i3 EV where a charging port exists, alternatively, it can be charged using any home plug point. With a single 4-hour charge the cycle can easily cover between 20 to 30 miles.

    Although the price is still unconfirmed it is sure to be in the 4-figure segment, making it complete well with the Segways.


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