• BMW designs futuristic subway cars for Kuala Lumpur’s new metro line

  • bmw-subway-cars-1After looking at the i3 and the i8 street cars, we’re quite convinced that the German automobile giant, BMW, has somewhat been inspired by the Tron: Legacy movie. Most recently, BMW has managed to convince us yet again, with these swanky new subway cars headed for Kuala Lumpur. The new subway cars are right out of the future and will be put to use at Klang Valley, part of Kuala Lumpur’s capital, where a three-line metro system is currently being constructed.

    The BMW subway cars sport a blue LED lighting scheme, with the underside of the seats also illuminating a soft and pleasing glow. With large and clear windows and lots of interior room, these subway cars could begin making the rounds by 2017. Soon, a large lump of Kuala Lumpur’s population will travel to work in a BMW!


    [Via – Lost-At-E-Minor]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on April 23, 2014
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