• The Bimodal concept car promises better stability with a 5th wheel

  • bimodal-concept-car-1At first look, we mistook this futuristic concept car to be the Maserati Birdcage 75th, the brainchild of a Pininfarina design team. While the car has not been completely inspired by the design of the Birdcage, the Bimodal by J. Sardo – F. Bruni does seem to be pretty remarkable in its own stead. This concept is as futuristic as it gets and reeks advanced aerodynamics. However, unlike every future car we’ve peeked at before, the Bimodal sports a hidden advantage, called the ProGrip System!

    This involves the use of a hidden 5th wheel that promises to help increase the car’s stability and cornering ability, even with roads as slippery as a water slide. This is said to help prevent understeer and oversteer. Folks who drool every time they spot a car drifting will probably hate the idea of a car that isn’t half as adventurous as the contemporary performance cars. Let’s not forget however, that this one’s a concept and if it ever does hit assembly lines, the manufacturers might just add a handy switch that keeps the 5th wheel away!

    [Via – Yankodesign]

    Topics: Transport Tags: on October 17, 2014
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