• BigFoot, the tandem bicycle for four

  • And if you think you’ve seen the best of tandem bike designs before, get a hold of this! The BigFoot is a concept by designer Stoth from Slovakia. A one-of-a-kind bicycle, this one allows up to four adults to travel together in an eco-friendly way! While the one seated ahead steers the BigFoot, those sitting behind lend a hand, or rather a leg, in propelling it forward.

    Instead of multiple pedals linked together by bicycle chains, the BigFoot sports two large pedals that can accommodate four pairs of feet. Also, those seated behind are required to hold on to the frame of the bicycle. What sets the BigFoot apart from the rest is the fact that this tandem bicycle can also be maneuvered with just two to three people on board!


    Topics: Transport Tags: on January 5, 2013
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