• Beastie, a Kevlar-fiberglass bicycle that could soon be the world’s fastest!

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    To be honest, the first time we stumbled across the Beastie, we really didn’t figure it out to be a bike. Unlike anything we’ve ever seen before, the Beastie is scheduled to be the fasted bike in the world. Made from Kevlar and fiberglass, this bike will be ridden by Graeme Obree who seeks to break the record at the World Human Powered Speed Challenge. For this, the bike will need to touch 83mph to beat the current 82.8 mph record.

    The bike sure as hell is a ridiculous sight and looks nothing like it’s supposed to. It requires two people running besides it to keep it from toppling over while giving it a decent start. All of this doesn’t keep the Beastie from being what it is however, a one-of-a-kind superhuman bicycle that will reach speeds no bicycle has ever reached before!


    [Via – Gizmodo]

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