• Autonomous cars of the future now appear on the horizon with Rinspeed’s developments

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    “Always keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the steering wheel and your foot on the brake”, is what your driving instructor probably said to you repeatedly. Not in the future though. Up ahead, driving instructors will probably find different jobs, since the world won’t be driving anymore. Instead, automated cars will drive us around while we sleep, eat, text, chat and relax! Rinspeed managed to demonstrate this at the Geneva Motor Show with a modified Tesla Model S electric car, and isn’t the only company working on autonomous vehicles.

    Search engine giant Google, is also playing a hefty role in bringing this technology to the world, with hopes of making car travel more reliable, safe and simple. Rinspeed founder and chief executive Frank Rinderknecht spoke to AFP at the Geneva Motor Show, saying, “Once I can drive autonomously, would I want to watch while my steering wheel turns happily from left to right “No. I would like to do anything else but drive and watch the traffic. Eat, sleep, work, whatever you can imagine!”


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