• Auto Boat is a smartphone-controlled for the solitary sailor

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    When you first look at the Auto Boat you’d think it is a simple, functional floating object that could run through the serene backwaters of a coastal waterway, a recluse away from technology. But no. That isn’t what the Auto Boat really is. In fact, it’s got some really high-end technology that inspires it to sail around town. It is the brainchild of Will Reed, a boat builder and Jonas Jongejan, a programmer. The one-seat boat is completely controlled by a smartphone. It leverages an app that creates a pre-determined route for the boat to follow. Then app would then affect the propulsion system to guide the passenger to their destination. Two small motors on either side of the boat and the in-built GPS system steer the boat to the destination that has been defined for it.

    The boat has no frills on it. In fact, it doesn’t even have (read: need) a rudder. Now taking those stupor-filled boat rides without worrying about being too drunk to reach your destination is not a problem.





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