• Audi unveils intelligent ‘swarm’ tail-light concept

  • German automobile manufacturer, Audi, is known for its sheer innovation. The company recently unveiled an extremely fascinating touch given to a car, on unlike any seen before kicking away traditional tail-lights, Audi had installed on the boot of its car ‘swarm’ lights. These cover the width of the boot and use organic OLED technology. The lights react to the movements of the car, giving drivers following behind a better understanding of what the one maneuvering the car is doing.

    The lights move or swarm faster as the car speeds. Also, as the driver turns, the red lights begin to flow towards the director of the car’s turn! As the car begins to slow down, these lights gather in pools. The concept was shown of at the CES 2013 and is indeed a beautiful touch given to an otherwise plain-looking car. However, don’t expect to find these on roads since motor organizations have termed it to be distracting!


    Topics: Transport Tags: on January 22, 2013
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