• AirDiv concept makes terrestrial gliding a reality

  • AirDiv concept 1
    There’s no better fantasy than spreading your arms and gliding across the terrain, even if it were a few feet about the ground. The AirDiv concept vehicle brings to life this simulation by hoisting its ride on top of the vehicle. For obvious reasons this craft can only carry one passenger at a time and treat him or her to an adrenaline-pumping experience. The driver can choose between four driving modes. The basic seating position is the toned down ride. The accelerated one needs the driver to lean forward and closer to the road. The bike mode takes it more extreme with the driver situated face down and their head facing outward. And finally, the diving mode that simulates gliding with the driver outside the cockpit and draped in a wing suit.
    AirDiv concept 2
    The tires have to be changed based on the nature of the terrain. The three tires can be optimized and customized depending on what path they plan to take their vehicle through.
    AirDiv concept 3

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