• Airbus initiating “green flying” with futuristic aviation technology

  • Looking at 5 years or 10 years down the line is probably the way to go for an average start up. Looking at a company as big as Airbus, you have got to understand that the technology they create truly shapes the future of the airline and aviation industry. Keeping that in mind, Airbus would have to plan 50 years ahead, and well, that is exactly what they are doing. Looking at the carbon dioxide emission and fuel consumption rates, you have got to understand that aircrafts need to start getting more eco-friendly. With Airbus’ Smarter Skies initiatives, we could well be on the way to saving 9 million tons of fuel a year and 28 million tons of CO2 emissions and eventually towards a greener path after all.

    The aircraft conglomerate plans on developing technology like the Eco-Climb that will help aircrafts with an assisted takeoff will allow for steeper climb from airports to minimize noise and reach efficient cruise altitudes more quickly. By developing Express Skyways that are essentially high-frequency routes would allow aircrafts to fly in formation like birds during cruise bringing efficiency improvements due to drag reduction and lower energy use.

    Free Glide Approach and Landings along with Ground Operations and Greener Fuel, Airbus is taking it as a challenge to improve the efficiency of the industry while looking at some of the most futuristic concepts, that will give the airline industry a whole new shape.


    Topics: Transport Tags: , on September 24, 2012
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