• Airbus’ Fly Your Ideas competition brings forth a horde of new aviation innovations

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    French aviation giant, Airbus, teamed up with UNESCO recently to give aeronautics and engineering students around the world a chance to show off their aircraft-based innovations and the results could pretty much give the world of commercial airplanes a facelift! The Airbus Fly Your Ideas competition saw a bunch of entries that deserve special mention, particularly the air hockey-inspired luggage mover and in-flight entertainment systems powered by body heat.

    One team called the Team CLiMA hailing from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology came up with concept aircrafts fueled by a blend of biomethane and liquefied natural gas. And Indian team called Team AVAS proposed jet engine exhausts using shape shifting alloys to reduce noise. And that’s not all! The most interesting concept of all was by Malaysia’s Team Embarker. The system proposed by these youngsters uses body heat generated from the bodies of passengers to generate energy that in turn powers up mobile devices, in-flight lighting and entertainment systems!




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