• 118 Wallypower yacht: Hi-tech luxury boat

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    If you love luxurious yachts, then the 118 Wallypower yacht by Monaco based boat maker Wally will surely take your breath away. A combination of sleek design, advanced technology and tradition, this yacht is definitely a class apart. The vertical bow and aerodynamic styling give this yacht a military vehicle appearance. The sides comprise of large faceted air intakes that are responsible for the boat’s unique profile. The boat can traverse easily through rough waters at a speed of 60 knots. Three gas turbine engines situated under the hood provide 16,800 of horse power. Besides a great design and technology, this yacht even boasts of a luxurious interior. The yacht has beautiful wooden decks as well as a seating and dining space at the front and back. The covered cockpit features a conference table, lounge and access to below the deck. The yacht has a total of five lavish cabins and can easily house six guests and six crew members.

    Priced at a whopping $25 million, this baby is definitely for the select few only.

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