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    Designer Thomas Bogner develops an Apple smartwatch mock-up

    Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and we’re sure Apple’s rolling up its sleeves, preparing for the launch of its own rendition of this new portable device platform. Berlin-based engineer Thomas Bogner took a step ahead from the rest and … Continue reading

  • Tikker watch counts down the time you’ve got left to live

    Having a death-clock ticking ominously, telling you just how long you have to live, isn’t particularly an enjoyable experience. Some people think otherwise. Behold the Tikker, a reminder of your apparent demise that you can now sport on your wrist! … Continue reading

    Nissan joins the smart-watch brigade with the Nismo

    Yes, Samsung has created yet another ruffle in the technology world with its latest release, the Galaxy Gear smart watch. As expected, a bunch of companies have woken up from their concept-crafting dilemmas and have began displaying their own versions … Continue reading

    Navigo smart watch connects to your smartphone and works as a GPS device

    There’s been a lot of talk about smart watches these days and we think it’s about time the world of technology packs its best inside a wrist-watch. A step closer to this dream is this uber-cool-looking wrist watch we came … Continue reading

    The Smile SmartWatch enables instant connectivity and entertainment

    Soon, the world will step away from the use of ordinary watches and settle for much more intelligent devices that tell more than just the time, like this recent development we’ve spotted called the Smile SmartWatch from Emopulse. Now smart … Continue reading

    The Legacy Edition watch face inspired by the Tron film

    The 2010 Tron: Legacy film inspired loads of designers world over, driving them to create stuff themed around the movie. Alexander Morgan, based in the United Kingdom, has come up with this eye-catching watch face inspired by the Tron film. … Continue reading

    Ziiro’s new Proton and Ion wristwatches go minimalist

    Inspired by atoms subatomic particles, Hong Kong-based watch manufacturer Ziiro recently unveiled its two new timepieces, the Ion and the Proton. While the Ion sticks to the classical hour-hand design with a watchface lacking the hour markings, the Proton sports … Continue reading

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