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    Mirror Tree Hotel is a tree-house that replicates a mirrored cube!

    Tree-houses have always caught our fancy, right since childhood in fact. These beautiful little places to set our young minds free have always been on our Christmas wishlists. However, one tree-house did manage to have our jaws dropped to the … Continue reading

  • Tree Café – Stockholm’s unusually charming and mobile café

    Who needs a brick and mortar café to enjoy a hot cup of brew with your buddies when you could simply make use of the Tree Café! This one-of-a-kind café literally makes use of trees as a place to spend … Continue reading

    Tree inspired bus shelter is fashionable yet handy

    Taking inspiration from the shade a tree provides, Nicola D’Alessandro has designed a great bus shelter than not only gives shade to people but also looks good. The shelter’s board is wedged onto a metal skeleton and adding more panels … Continue reading

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