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    WeBIKE tables at the Schiphol Airport generate electricity as you exercise!

    The next time you visit Amsterdam airport in search for a practical way to workout, don’t miss out on one of these WeBIKE tables. Developed by Belgium-based WeWATT and installed at the Schiphol Airport, these desks sport pedals that allow … Continue reading

  • Winnie the Pooh-inspired table collection designed by Nendo

    If you’ve been a die-hard fan of Winnie the Pooh and his furry friends long since you can remember, here’s a set of furniture that’s bound to grab your fancy. Designed specifically for Walt Disney Japan, these maple tables are … Continue reading

    RS3 foosball table by Rafael Rodriguez is hip and fun!

    Sports are good, particularly sports that keep you active, even if that means you running around a table and screaming your lungs out at your foosball-loving cronies. Designer Rafael Rodriguez designed these indoor-outdoor foosball tables called the RS3 tables for … Continue reading

    Banana-shaped pool table by Cleon Daniel

    Tired of the conventional pool table lathered in green? Give this jolly yellow banana-shaped pool table a try instead! Designed by Cleon Daniel, this banana shaped pool table is inspired by themes of life and the environment. The table was … Continue reading

    Pavel Stejskal’s E-Desk is a sophisticated way to cook

    Our home as we know it will soon transition into a futuristic mix of technology and practicality. With designs pouring onto store shelves regularly, our lives our destined to be a lot easier in the near future. One such design … Continue reading

    The eye-catching Touch Table integrates a touch display

    It’s safe to say that touch-technology has scaled new heights. These days, touch displays have quickly taken the market by storm and are quickly evolving for the better. Designer Milan Kazarka from Slovakia showcased this revolutionary piece of furniture that … Continue reading

    Table and bench with thermographic finishes allow you to “leave your mark”!

    You know what they say about leaving a mark? Well, this table and bench designed by Jay Watson of Oxfordshire literally allow you to do so! Sporting a thermographic finish, this furniture set reacts to heat and temporarily leaves the … Continue reading

    The Flip Coffee Cup Chair/Table is a cheerful start to an early morning!

    Looking for the perfect place to seat your tired frame on a particularly early morning as you sip your refreshing hot brew? Daisuke Motogi Architecture has come up with this fantastic new chair that gives your mornings an amusing touch … Continue reading

    Coffee-Table inspired by swimming pools by Freshwest Design

    Well, the best of us have wished for a swimming pool at home. But given the fact that most homes today are perched in the sky atop apartment towers, owning a personal swimming pool isn’t a breeze, unless you pack … Continue reading

    Growth Table functions as an art-workstation for children of all ages

    Art isn’t restricted to age. And this design we came across recently simply promotes creativity in children. Called the Growth Table, this one made from marine plywood, Douglas fir, glass and rubber works for children of all ages and is … Continue reading

    Apple Power Mac G4 Tower Crunching Numbers Coffee Table

    The Apple Power Mac G4 when launched in 1999 was Apple’s flagship workstation that came in 400, 450, and 500 Mhz of raw power, pun intended! What happens to these old computers now that we are in 2012 with 12-core … Continue reading

    Enjoy trouble free outdoor dining with Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind Table

    The biggest problem while eating outdoors is the wind blowing your plates away, or making that wine bottle fall on the table causing spillage of some exquisite wine. With the Garden Unique Bye Bye Wind Table you can stop worrying … Continue reading

    The next generation interactive Table Tennis Table Waldner

    You can despise Apple products but the applications of the technology are unimaginable! We saw the waterproof iPod Nano watch. The Waldner similarly uses Apple’s technology to create a very unique and innovative Ping-Pong table. The table, which features advanced … Continue reading

    Ruby Steels techie Coffee table

    Ruby Steel, an Innovation Design Engineering student at the RCA has designed this concept coffee table that persuades people to read books for their own personal enjoyment. As one sits on this circular table, a screen exhibits textual information about … Continue reading

    Tick concept turns just about any flat board into a table

    Not a lot of people appreciate vintage stuff, given the fact that these have been used before, but for those of us who appreciate the subtle art of recycling, a concept like the Tick is sure genius! By German designer … Continue reading

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