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    P.A.C.O, the open-source gesture-controlled wireless speaker is made from concrete!

    We’ve seen speakers being made from plastic, ceramic and wood, but concrete? Well we thought that’s best left to constructing buildings! Italian design studio Digital Habit(s) thinks otherwise and has unveiled the revolutionary, if somewhat shocking, P.A.C.O! This open-source speaker … Continue reading

  • Rex, a smartphone speaker that hooks on to Apple’s Siri interface

    There are quite a few smartphone users who swear by Apple and consider the Siri interface to be one of the best gifts technology has presented to mankind. One of these individuals is Chris McKleroy who came up with the … Continue reading

    Ballo – The sleek and simple portable smartphone speaker

    Yes, you’ve probably begun shuddering from the overflow of iPhone accessories that have begun flooding the market place. Well, this one’s apart from the rest and is christened the Ballo. In essence a portable speaker for your smartphone, the Ballo … Continue reading

    Speaker Plugs make your music mobile!

    Portable speakers have been around for a while. However, most of these are a bit too chunky to carry around in reality. While the battery-powered Bluetooth speakers to serve the purpose, conceptual designer Jinseup Ted Shin came up with yet … Continue reading

    Cochlea Speakers look great and sound better

    Home appliances are turning into sculptures of art, particularly entertainment devices like television screens and music systems. Designers Rodolfo Samperio and Sergio Dávila showed off this concept speaker design called the Cochlea Speakers. A hi-fi sound system in essence, these … Continue reading

    Kenneth Cobonpue ‘Eclipse’ Rickshaw is accompanied with ipod docks and speakers

    Rickshaw is a preferred means of transport in many Asian and South American countries as it is not only friendly but also a green alternative to car. Kenneth Cobonpue has created ‘Eclipse’ a rickshaw with style and craftsmanship. Designed with … Continue reading

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