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    Solar phone charger looks like a Japanese Ginkgo tree

    The analogy is right on target and it could get any more realistic than this one. The Solar phone charger we have here represents a tree, albeit a special tree of the like of the Japanese Ginkgo Tree, but a … Continue reading

  • Energy-generating illuminated duck will help power Copenhagen with solar juice

    The duck that gave golden eggs may be a fairy tale, but this one that generates solar energy sure as hell isn’t! Conceived by designers Hareth Pochee, Adam Khan, Louis Leger and Patrick Fryer, from Britain, this sculptor is fun … Continue reading

    Sol-Char project turns human poop into charcoal-like fertilizer

    Turning human poop into something usable isn’t a breeze, given that human intervention is required and humans aren’t up to a task like this, yet. So, Karl Linden, an environmental engineering professor at the University of Colorado, with a team … Continue reading

    IKEA develops flat-pack polymer refugee shelters with solar panels

    When it comes to designing practical furniture for modern homes, IKEA knows best. The furniture retail giant has recently extended this knowledge in design to building deployable homes that can work as refugee shelters in disaster struck areas and relief … Continue reading

    Shams1 largest solar plant on Earth dazzles in Abu Dhabi

    The Shams 1 Concentrated Solar Plant (CSP) in Abu Dhabi is the largest of its kind in the world. Shams1 is a development of 258,048 parabolic trough mirrors that produce enough energy to power 20,000 homes. It cost $600 million … Continue reading

    Solar kits packed in suitcases save lives in Africa, Asia and South America

    Electricity isn’t taken for granted the way we urban folks consider it, particularly in far-flung areas where this crucial facility is at times a luxury. According to a recent study, out of 50% patients who died in Congo, 80% died … Continue reading

    Solar powered floating school built in Bangladesh

    In areas prone to flooding, setting up infrastructure can prove worthless. So, in Bangladesh, a non-profit organization called Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha has come up with a fantastic way to provide students with year-round education facilities, using a fully-equipped floating school! … Continue reading

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