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    Solar Impulse 2, the predecessor to the world’s first solar-powered airplane, to fly in 2015

    The Solar Impulse, also crowned to be the world’s first solar-powered airplane to attempt a circumnavigation of the world without fossil fuel, has etched a place for itself in the history of mankind. Following this, an updated version of the … Continue reading

  • Supiore unveils a solar-panel-topped electric boat, the Uno

    Give a vehicle a shade of green and it’s bound to turn heads and grab attention quicker than the usual. Dutch boat manufacturer Supiore understands this ideology well enough to have come up with this swanky new water traveler powered … Continue reading

    Solar powered trashcans that compress garbage installed at the University of Houston

    Trash cans are great. Trash cans being used regularly are even better. But what’s best is a solar powered trash can, like these beauties at the University of Houston! These garbage cans are technologically advanced and are more developed than … Continue reading

    Turanor PlanetSolar, the world’s largest solar powered boat, reaches New York!

    Those familiar with the world of energy-efficient modes of transport might be pretty well-versed with the Turanor PlanetSolar, better known as the world’s largest fully solar-powered boat. Known for using a shocking number of solar panels propped up on its … Continue reading

    The Solar Impulse solar powered airplane flies for 10 hours, lands in Washington

    The aviation industry continues to watch wide-eyed as the world’s first plane powered completely by solar energy goes globe hopping. The Swiss-made Solar Impulse plane recently completed yet another milestone journey, landing in Washington. After this, the plane has one … Continue reading

    Solar powered wheelchair with a retractable roof rides green

    Solar power is turning into the modern world’s juice. These days, just about everything is solar powered, from mobile phone cases to cars to homes. Here’s a solar-powered wheelchair that brings the energy of the sun to the mobility impaired. … Continue reading

    The Window Socket uses solar energy to power up home appliances

    While gasoline and coal are quickly turning into expensive and somewhat outdated ways to power up, the world is busy looking for cleaner and greener ways to generate electricity. One of the concepts aimed at just this that we spotted … Continue reading

    Solar powered floating school built in Bangladesh

    In areas prone to flooding, setting up infrastructure can prove worthless. So, in Bangladesh, a non-profit organization called Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha has come up with a fantastic way to provide students with year-round education facilities, using a fully-equipped floating school! … Continue reading

    SpringTime designs solar-powered ice-cream carts for IJs&Zopie and Odenwald Organics

    The sun is a known and sworn enemy of ice-creams and has always been one of the causes of melting treats, until now. Design firm SpringTime has come up with an innovative way to use the energy of the sun … Continue reading

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