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    Sacha Lakic’s Bubble Sofa is colorful and comfortably playful

    Humankind has a special affinity for bubble-wrap. This explains why we simply can’t keep our hands of these plastic sheets with tiny bubbles waiting to be popped. Drawing inspiration from bubble-wrap in all its forms, designer Sacha Lakic designed the … Continue reading

  • Stackable TetrisCouch is a versatile seating arrangement

    We’ve come across some pretty interesting furniture before, but this one sure steals the show. Designed by Stefano Grasselli, this Italian masterpiece is an unconventional couch unlike any we’ve seen before. Called the TetrisCouch, this furniture concept is inspired by … Continue reading

    Sleep, work, play, read – all on Connect

    If we were to hunt for the top activity we like to indulge in these days, it would be to be buried in one of our communication gadgets like a palm top, notepad, laptop etc or the conventional act of … Continue reading

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